Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-12-19

  • New record for how far I've driven in reverse (in one session…) #
  • at least a quarter mile when the jetta couldn't make it up North Lake Road #
  • eek. another crazy ride home. roads stupidly slippery. #
  • its official, I've used my snowblower more times this season than I did all of last season. #scared #
  • getting caught up on recent dave & tim shows. pulling in torrents at 3Mbps #fiosrocks #
  • Happy First Birthday to our sweet little Jilly Bean! #
  • rocking out with some Trombone Shorty this morning… good stuff. #
  • Foo. Just cleared the driveway again… #
  • argh. snowblow'd again. #needAVacaction #
  • is it normal for a live christmas tree to drink almost a gallon of water a day? #
  • another case of hat head again today. when will the madness end? #
  • Old School: Altered Beast for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad #
  • opening up fresh can of whoop ass on cross browser table row dragging. bam. #
  • nearly had a heartattack there. mouse stopped responding and I've got about 20 unsaved changes. #
  • relieved that it was just a dead battery in the mouse. phew! #
  • new kanye song POWER has a king crimson sample in it. say what? #
  • Roger Waters on Conan #
  • argh. maybe someday, js will just work in IE. #
  • till then, I'll continue building in Firefox and cursing as I debug stupid errors #
  • like "Syntax Error: Line 1 Char: 6" #





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