Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-12-12

  • oh boy, shoveling. I love shoveling. #
  • happy birfday to the lovely @skcrowther #
  • Getting ready to clear the driveway again. I should just wait and snowblower later… #
  • tasty b-day dinner at scotch 'n sirloin for the mrs. our first dinner alone together since jingles was born. #
  • sandy twitching not having to constantly fuss over a kid. hehe. #
  • newsflash: snowblowing still sucks. still gotta get me a new face mask. #
  • in related news, winter driving sucks. come on folks, slow down. fyi- 4×4 doesn't help braking much. #
  • I'll be nice and call a tow truck when you're flipped over in the ditch at the side of the road. but only this one time. #
  • Fun ride home. Roads crummy but other drivers more sane than this morning. #
  • A bunch of chores then another round of snowblowing. Oh goodie. #
  • Round two of snow removal complete. Not snowing as hard but still big fat flakes. #
  • Wouldn't mind not having to clear everything again in the am. Keeping fingers crossed #
  • Fios tv DVR app for iPhone (or iPod) is freaking awesome.. #
  • attention tank drivers on 690 (people who only clear a slot on the windshield of their snow caked cars): …hope you burn in hell. #
  • the natural blizzard is enough. I don't need to be behind the foot of snow blowing off the top of your car. #
  • I ain't 'fraid of no ghost… #
  • cranking up the Merry Axemas #
  • eek. crummy drive in this am. had a couple of scary slides. #
  • think I already tied how many times I used the snowblower last year, and this is only the first storm this year. gulp. #
  • Well, Culture Club Was British… #
  • festive #
  • probably just a tease, but I think the snow finally stopped. would be nice to not have to snowblow again in 8 hours. #
  • drive in much nicer today. still had to blow out the driveway again though. #
  • timed it perfectly so its white out when I duck out for lunch. back in the office and sun is blazing. #
  • Running errands. Winter not so bad when weather isn't super crazy. #
  • Prepping for jillipalooza tomorrow. I'm watching while momma works a sub gig. #
  • MacBook Air versus PowerBook 145B video smackdown #
  • except for a few "dirt rings" solid breakfast was pretty much a bust. Silly jilly. #
  • Tired until she had some formula. Guessing a nap isn't in the cards just yet.. #
  • slept all the way until 6:50 this morning. man, that's living. #
  • Half way through Xmas tree setup. Real tree this year! New LED lights are crazy bright. #





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