Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-12-05

  • good eating to ensue #
  • mmm. shepard's pie was excellent. #
  • fairly productive weekend. birthday party invites out, christmas cards ordered, the normal weekly chores, more than average cooking. #
  • … and even crossed a few items off the christmas list. have you been naughty or nice? #
  • before I forget again, installing blue beanie avatar. go web standards! #
  • RIP Leslie Nielson – Don't Call Me Shirley! #
  • realizing that my magic mouse kinda sucks compared to my logitech vx mouse. adding new logitech mouse to wishlist. #
  • anybody wanna buy a used apple magic mouse in very good condition? $35 takers please send a direct message. #
  • Ubuntu 10.10 upgrade complete. Let the meyhem begin. #
  • video a bunch more snappy in ubuntu 10.10 me likey #
  • use Face Sticker to give yourself a blue beanie. #facesticker #bbd4 #
  • I woulda used face sticker myself, but I just dug out my avatar from last year. #
  • nice to see that ironing board I put to the curb last night was snatched up by somebody before the garbage guys got to it. #
  • lazy web: is there an iMovie class video editor on ubuntu yet? #
  • Whoa, IE put on the blue beanie! Awesome! #
  • snow. foo. oh well, guess it had to happen some time. #
  • say, what happened to the broadcast type in field in the me menu? it was there yesterday. I did some updates, but nothing that related… #
  • ok after posting from gwibber its back. odd. #
  • whoa! 100 followers! almost feel I have to start making my tweets more important. #
  • Hello, beautiful… Tower Is a Graphical Front-End for Git (on mac) #
  • after nearly getting run over by a ditzy driver in the garage attendant said "need to add some chlorine to the gene pool around here…" #
  • love my clients. option one, open (5th floor) window, exit. option two, get some booze for my coffee. #
  • mercy me. prototype.js' Element.clone() is crazy cool. #
  • $A($('myId').getElementsByTagName('TR')).reverse().each(function(s){ ..}); #coolOrScary #
  • almost stuck in the in-laws driveway. curse you crazy erieville weather. #
  • first part of ride was a little nailbiting. dusting of new snow is a crisis for folks who can't remember how to drive in the winter #





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