Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-11-28

  • coming to work to recover from a crazy busy weekend. phew. #
  • beep beep beep. time for mac backups. #
  • wow. guess its been a while. >12Gb of boots to move to backup drive. #
  • woo-hoo. no more fusebox in the laundry room! #
  • now we'll see if the dryer needs a repair too.. #
  • giggity. a working dryer again. excellent! #
  • with the unneeded fusebox out of the way, can also get on replacing crummy shelves with some cabinets. #
  • another day, another steaming pile of cat puke to clean up. #
  • hmm. TDD good. hacking with out worry about completely hosing stuff. #
  • dave says bill gates called him up and asked him play at microsoft store opening #
  • goody. fire alarms going off again. fire trucks rolling up now. #
  • false alarm again, but they did kick us out this time. #
  • happy thanksgiving! #
  • oh fudge! peanut butter cheese fudge to be exact. yum! #
  • gave the cats their christmas presents early. new collars and new bells. #
  • they're pretty freaked out by the new sounds. #
  • Can't wait until the first major snow around here… #
  • A liitle quiet time at CHQ as the jilly takes a snooze #





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