Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-11-21

  • Kaleidoscopic Table #
  • google calendar down? that's unpossible. #
  • that's the second ebook I've bought in 2 days. keep rolling 'em out for <$10 and I'll keep buying! #
  • whoa! new prototype finally out. was worried I'd have to get more serious about moving to jquery #
  • I've just raced through #racer10k in 1:02:793! #
  • 10K Apart – #
  • going postal if I have to hear the osha alarm on the cherry picker across the street for much longer #
  • dropped the wee one off at with grandma. trying to boot up my brain with some coffee. #
  • suspect I might be more productive at home if my office wasn't shared with the cat box. choke. #
  • remembering how nice working dual screen is. especially on the mac. #
  • cool. never realized that expose in osx works screen by screen. #
  • huh. didn't know Couch in CouchDB is an acronym. ie, Collection Of Unreliable Commodity Hardware. #
  • tried shutting cat in laundry room so he doesn't wake up the mrs. he thanked me by puking all over the place. perfect. #
  • Douchebag Parkers – Tell ‘Em How You Really Feel #
  • been a while since I coded. TDD is stil the way to go. #
  • Crowd Reactions FAIL #
  • and thus it begins. cleared an inch of snow off the car this morning. #
  • osha alarms can be a lifesaver if you're a construction worker… #
  • … and maddening if you're not and just happen to work next to a big project. #
  • enjoying dmb live on jimi thing #
  • dave said, I'm gonna need and hand let the crowd do all the singing #
  • making my aged mac scream in agony as I import a bunch of video for editing. #





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