Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-11-14

  • hmm 8 o'clock coffee? pretty tasty and half the price of starbucks. we may have a winner. #
  • wonder why the sprint customer site is down every time every time I need something. #
  • Paying bills seems more depressing than usual. Pay no longer greatly outpacing bills. #
  • hmm. home made manicotti for dinner. kinda fun to make using a ziploc bag to pipe in the cheese. about ready to bust at the moment. #
  • also roasted up some cauliflower for a side later in the week. if you've never roasted it before, much tastier than steaming. #
  • MythBusters Gone Tipsy Outtakes Discovery Channel #
  • think my mac is dying. just felt the need to turn on screen zoom on its own. #
  • Cool! CafePress now does iPhone cases… #
  • The MacBook Battery That Ruptured Our Hearts – Woot #
  • pooped after a few hours as the sole member of the jilly entertainment crew. #
  • The Simpsons Ride ok, who forgot to tell me? #
  • hot stuff. 82 in the office, with the window open. #
  • Special thanks to vets today for keeping us and the world safe. #
  • How handy, free wifi in barber shop courtesy of the library next door. #
  • Preventing Raynauds Syndrome Attacks #
  • rumor has it that @tiffrogers78 is at the hospital prepping for launch. #
  • Apple Emulators Are Less Complicated Than We Thought #
  • hmm. one core meltdown and JB conked out at 7:40. unfortunately that means at least one night interruption or an early wake up call. #
  • Hmm. Why is my simpsons coozie noisemaker (tucked away in cupboard) going off on it's own at 2:19am? #





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