Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-11-07

  • Enough already #
  • Oh goody #
  • Trouble with a capital T. Jilly pooped and took a nap at 5:30. Odds of her going to sleep now? Not so good. #
  • Funny Bunny! #
  • not me. #
  • Grampa Mac Portable, meet the baby MacBook Air #
  • jilly is the only baby I know that can get hiccups while drinking. crazy. #
  • Giggling as Mike Rowe interviews a wildlife specialist with his lamprey eel microphone. #
  • of course, I don't go to the buffalo show and they whip out halloween. #
  • use a wink to kick off camera timer #
  • Diamonds don't bling in the dark. #
  • oh fun, fire alarms going off in the building. #
  • guessing its a construction snafu on the theater side of the building #
  • aw, hootie. you went all country… not bad though #
  • well, went all country again, I guess #
  • round 2 of fire alarms at the office. probably time to go home. #
  • extra spent today. must be all that coding at work. #
  • ok rhythmbox, why is remove from library next to remove from playlist? argh. #
  • Love is the coal that makes this train roll. #
  • fighting with open office write style sheets. almost forsaking for HTML and CSS. #
  • Last of the leaves raked. Grill stowed for season. Gutters cleaned. Hopefully the end of outdoor work for the year. #
  • A few more minutes of the Internet then off to bed. #
  • Thanks for the hour back, standard time. Too bad Jilly doesn't know how to tell time. #





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