Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-10-24

  • hmm. why is twitter prompting with a basic auth login from time to time? #
  • Olde Timey #
  • What'dya know? You can have flickr tweet your new pictures. Handy. Good bye twitpic #
  • End of the Road #
  • oh fiddlesticks, there's a genesis emulator for android? #
  • remembering just how good the zen coding plugin is for komodo edit #
  • New Book: Host Your Web Site in the Cloud by Jeff Barr #
  • why was I not aware of google chrome's built in dev tools? good stuff! #
  • Google Chrome Developer Tools Tutorial #
  • finding OSX's internet sharing kinda useful #
  • google calendar sync on android phone, too cool! #
  • no more need to schedule SMS reminders! #
  • manhood reaffirmed. Installed new flapper in toilet. #
  • hacking away again this morning. can't shake this stupid cough. #
  • Yet Another Use For Post-Its That is a fantastic idea! #
  • firing up the engadget live blog for apple announcements. #
  • hey @activestate (or lazy web) is it possible to have more than 5 projects 'open' at the same time in Komodo Edit? #
  • grrr. wife's car dead. in the garage. perfect. think its the starter. #
  • what are the odds that the our extended warranty contract covers towing? #
  • Preparing for some less than enjoyable teeth scraping at the old dentist #
  • hey superpages, great redesign. you've succeeded in making it even harder to find the phone number. #
  • Fook. Not starter problem just a dead battery. A jump and $54 service charge #
  • Getting battery tested now. Probably ripe for replacement.. #
  • new battery had. like everything else vw, its an oddball size and expensive. #
  • Spent after a long that seemed be pretty much non-stop running. Fading fast… #
  • ready for a nap after a delicious bowl of whole wheat penne at pastabilities #
  • I like my paper thin mac keyboard but still lust after one of these… #
  • we do I feel like I'm hung over ever saturday morning? didn't drink at all last night. caffeine withdrawal? #
  • 2 cats, 1 baby, 1 wife napping. why am I awake? #
  • jilly upgraded to big girl car seat. Doesn't know what to make of facing front. #
  • Enjoyed some fine burritos from the tacquerus #
  • Enjoyed some fine burritos from the tacaqueria. Couldn't get in the door at the new Chipotle down the street. #





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