Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-10-17

  • why is iTunes so crashy? it seems every time I use it I crash it at least once. foo. #
  • Dribbble – Gap [holeycoww] ouch. #
  • Alex's Soapbox: Documentation Done Right #
  • nothing I enjoy more than finding sorta obvious bugs in code that's been live for >5 years. #
  • GIF: Epic Kitteh Leap #
  • quick snack and then its on to work on wife's new website. stay tuned. #
  • quick snack and then its on to work on wife's new website. stay tuned. #
  • eek. formatting crummy copy and pasted rich text back to semantic HTML by hand. #
  • hmm. 11pm and not all that tired. that's probably not a good thing. headed to bed regardless. #
  • The Dark Side Of The Moon Wine Gift Pack #
  • 9 Year Old Boy Sells Toys to Pay for Father's Headstone #
  • stupid woot. got me interested with today's deal. #
  • fond memories of the first time I head Momentary Lapse of Reason #
  • borrowed the cd from buddy Sam and listened on my fancy Technics discman style player #
  • New KT Tunstall album is pretty good. Check it out. #
  • tiring but rewarding night with the jingles while momma's in class. #
  • Nine Quick Tips to Identify Clutter #
  • How to Opt Out of Yellow Book Delivery #
  • foo. been trying to migrate my cell number from phone x on sprint to phone y on boost for the last 2.5H. #
  • all the account stuff is supposedly correct, but new phone says 'not registered on network. wife's cell phone died in middle of support call #
  • boost default tree doesn't have a gimme a human option. so, to the rescue. no lines, no waiting! #
  • funk it, I'll get things figure out in the am, I guess. #
  • Mid-Century Hi-Fi Literature #
  • GIF: Dis Wut Ai Fink ob Yer Exersize Regimentz #
  • 2 LEGZ EEZY #
  • giggity- phone number transfer from old phone to new complete. just had to find someone at boost that activated an i1 before #
  • (motorola i1 was just added to the boost line up) #
  • for the mrs. Crazy Shoes and Boots: If Shoes Could Kill #
  • xkcd: Tech Support #
  • First tweet from my new android phone. Not quite as smooth as iphone, but better than my busted old centro #
  • reliving a little bachelorhood. rocking out the new santana guitar heaven cd. cranked up pc speakers, missing my old stereo. #
  • curious still recording google analytics traffic even though I forgot put in the bug code on last site update. #





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