Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-10-10

  • feeling a little better today. good thing 'cause chores are piling up. #
  • groceries, check. lawn mow, check. lawn fertilize, check. bills paid, check. think jilly walk next in the queue. #
  • just got update from our hosting company with the following "[on of our] switches was found down out of power" #
  • bummer peanut didn't sleep so well last. neither did momma or daddy. gonna be a long day. #
  • but… last night peanut stood up on her own for about 5 seconds. walking not likely far off now. #
  • Pizza Box WIN #
  • Tony Curtis buried with iPhone #
  • ok, sprint. how about giving me something I might actually want in your 'courtesy' check in calls? #
  • no, I'm not in interested in your broadband stuff (which you don't mentioned has a pretty low cap) #
  • who needs ipecac? I've got former co-workers code! #
  • Win a copy of my fave Perl IDE: Komodo! Just follow @ActiveState & Retweet #
  • gee, thanks thunderbird for eating that long email I was writing. argh. #
  • a nice walk with the jingles, some books, and crawling around the living room. sleepy baba in play, see if snoozes on tap. #
  • Twisted: 1939 | Shorpy Historic Photo Archive #
  • fixin' to get the old mountain bike out for a quick jaunt. lets see if that pans out. #
  • Soda WIN #
  • Post No Bills #
  • Finally back to computer after a bike ride, some errands, a walk with jingles, and dinner #
  • Bike riding not as fun as remembered. Neck aching, hind quarters not happy. Not as in shape as I'd like to be either #





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