Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-09-19

  • jilly bean up early after a late night. hungry little bugger. #
  • The Secret Musical History Of… 'Black Sabbath'? : NPR #
  • RT @johncmayer What It All Comes Down To-Was handed this letter at a meet and greet on my last show of the tour: #
  • RT @thomasfuchs: Super Mario Bros. was released on this day 25 years ago. #
  • wow, that last retweet made me feel old… #
  • RT @shawnp0wers: New Blog Post: Remember When We Killed That Bum? ha! #
  • mmmm. sam adams octoberfest. I think we have a winner. #
  • trying out Komodo Edit 6 RC1 from @ActiveState. whoa, they weren't kidding when they said its a lot faster. looking forward the final… #
  • RT @adactio: Now, *this* is some misinformed ignorant shit: #
  • hmm. tweeting from pidgin? lessee how this pans out… #
  • RT @TomBodett: I can't multi-task. Instead of doing one thing fast I do a couple things half-assed. But I get more bad work done that way. #
  • tweeting from pidgin worked fine, but had turn it off because I'm too ADD to ignore updates. #
  • Nautilus Terminal Keeps the CLI Handy in Your File Browser #
  • jilly bean breezes through her 9 month scheduled maintenance. just a flu shot this time around… only a few minutes of tears after. #
  • Giggling through a rerun of the classic Brady bunch movie… #
  • sweet. how convenient of scrobbler to crash iTunes in the middle upgrading my iPod touch firmware. #
  • was worried about bricking it, but it seems to be ok. must have gone south before copying the actual code. phew. #
  • RT @davematthewsbnd: Stefan was recently featured in the Berkleemusic’s Online Student Spotlight. Visit #
  • RT @zeldman: Applause for the HTML5 DOCTYPE. #aea #
  • RT @zeldman: WHAT WG is not a democracy; one person decides. "It works because it's Ian Hickson." @adactio #aea #
  • Fancy Drainpipe: 1937 | Shorpy Historic Photo Archive #
  • Crossings: 1937 | Shorpy Historic Photo Archive #
  • Chat Window FAIL worst christmas, indeed. #
  • CLASSIC: Escalator Design WIN Nom nom nom. #
  • iBless Torah provides a mobile trainer for Bar/Bat Mitzvah students #





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