Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-08-22

  • can anyone recommend a weather website with less suck than #
  • waiting 30 seconds for the detail to load is getting a little ridiculous… #
  • why am I not surprised that used car service center's engine computer code gadget can't read vw codes. #
  • ok, car moved from shop 1 to shop 2. let's see if the dealer can find and fix the problem. at least shop 1 didn't charge me anything. #
  • must be a fluke, but peanut asleep tonight at 7:50. maybe we'll wake her up at 7am every day from now. #
  • that's my girl… #
  • hehe. I pitty the stool… #
  • ok sir, your call will be ready by 4pm. get there 4:30, say they're just finishing up. say call me when its ready. they call me at 5:05. #
  • even better, I got a free 'courtesy wash' which is really spraying your car off with dirt water. argh. #
  • kinda ticked off about the hour late part, fixing to call the service manager. crap happens, I know, but people, I've got stuff to do. #
  • Dave Matthews Interview on npr… #
  • RT @thomasfuchs: The whole of HTML was described in 9,967 words in in 1993. The HTML5 OVERVIEW document has 311,000 words. #
  • RT @gmorten1: rachel ray says the sight of her husband doing the dishes makes her horny. rachel, remember we talked about this? oversharing? #
  • gonna be a great day. scheduling saranac break for 10am. #
  • doing a little IE testing. don't miss it crashing constantly… #
  • shoot should I brought my shades and worn them all day. never forget #roi #
  • RT @thinkgeek: One guy, a coconut, & lots of different camera angles *do* in fact a Holy Grail reenactment make. Video 1: #
  • why hello,, nice to meet you. #
  • RT @kevinrose: MUST HAVE! #
  • 5 most (and least) affordable housing markets – First place: Syracuse, N.Y. #





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