Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-08-15

  • just mistook 'move to trash' and 'remove from playlist' on rhythmbox menu again, for the zillionth time. #
  • now to go dig the deleted tracks out of my trashcan. foo. #
  • reading back through an email that I sent recently and finding a lot of grammatical errors. #
  • used to think I was able to write, not so sure any more. #
  • how cute, gnome-do's twitter post function doesn't show up if you've got more than 140 characters in the buffer. #
  • 10 minutes of my life lost figuring that non-obvious feature out. grrr. #
  • warm and muggy this morning. yuck. think car is going back to dealer for another a/c repair attempt. #
  • trying again to figure out a stupid file permission problem with wordpress dev server. can't install plugin updates automatically… #
  • even when everything in the wordpress docroot is owned by the webserver user! foo. #
  • think the cats are taking turns waking me up an hour before my alarm goes off. #
  • either that or its a race to see which one I'll punt over the fence first. #
  • JS1k, 1k Javascript demo contest #
  • nice dinner with auntie carolyn and uncle boyfriend then nice long walk at green lakes. good times. #
  • RT @shawnp0wers: I think this video is still my favorite thing I've ever done for @linuxjournal #
  • gonna try to read for a bit, but sleep is already calling me. cats better let me sleep until alarm goes off or there'll fur flying. #
  • RT @mikeroweworks: That's me. The guy on the left. The one with poop in his pants. #
  • RT @ambermac: Bragging + speeding + the Internet = probation #
  • hmm. dexter wakes me up at 3:55. dexter gets soaked with the spray bottle. dexter still rambling as I walked out the door. #
  • methinks he's destined for shower next. #
  • rocking some 80s tunes today. Let's Hear It for the Boy! #
  • How to add the official Tweet Button to WordPress via @thomasfuchs #





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