Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-08-08

  • tried out the new baby back pack carrier. jb seems to like it. for daddy, jury still out. pain in the neck. #
  • giving my 3 year old core duo (not core 2 duo) macbook a thrashing as I try to edit video. give it props though, its actually tolerable. #
  • Watch Jillian Crawling on Vimeo! #
  • 7.5 miles in light rain. almost refreshing. canal trail pretty boring as usual. #
  • This Should Be Happening Right Now WIN #
  • RT @kevinrose: another reason to live in sf, Steve Jobs eats at the pizza place down the street: #
  • My New Disk Drive #
  • enjoying some spam that attempts look like its from the IRS. #
  • "you're in higher tax bracket because: – your annual income for the last tax year has increased." #
  • going straight to hell for embedding a template toolkit template in a perl script directly. mvc, bah! #
  • preparing to kill myself in the morning falling over the baby gate that I'll forgot that I just installed. #
  • note: baby gate is also effective cat controller for the less mobile of our two kitties. #
  • enjoying a nice Saranac pale pale ale (yeah, that's not a typo). #
  • hmm where are all the facebook posts I added in @brizzly? no errors at post time, but they didn't seem to make it in. foo. #
  • phew. just beat the rain on way into the office. #
  • 9.5 miler earlier. slow, hot, and tiring. wanted to take a nap in the shower afterward. #
  • git log and git show are my two best friends today, as I tried to get some code history questions answered. #
  • Hand-Mixer, Stand-Mixer? Same Thing #
  • fixing some code by removing most of it. one of those what was I thinking moments… argh. #





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