Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-08-01

  • spent after cleaning house since about 5 this morning and a couple of wegmans runs. party countdown is on! #
  • the jilly bean is all baptized up. short and sweet ceremony. probably put some pics up sooner or later. #
  • RT @shawnp0wers: Our house arrives tomorrow evening, and gets put on the foundation Tuesday morning. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! #
  • RT @SLessard: The new Gorillaz Plastic Beach is genius. New goal, play on the next Gorillaz record, #
  • jilly bean stopping construction traffic so guys working could say how much they like her new sunglasses. #
  • Follow @Drobo + @TUAW TODAY & RETWEET to win your NEW Drobo! #
  • how did I never notice until that you can use YAML like Data::Dumper? duh. #
  • using up left over cake at work with a 'cake break'. probably not so healthy, but oh so good. #
  • 9.5 miles of agony pre-work. actually not so bad. feet are the only thing sore at the moment. #
  • new record for brake-stands in one commute, 5! guess nobody saw the lane closed warning a mile back. argh. #
  • RT @zeldman: ♥♥♥♥ Eric Meyer Sings! #
  • RT @HomerJSimpson: I’m so proud of Maggie. She just learned two new ways to barf on Daddy. #
  • BlindType Looks to be the Last Keyboard Anyone Will Ever Need… Ever | Android Phone Fans #
  • I love when spend half an hour debugging some code only to find that the problem is a typo in a config file. nice. #
  • ok komodo edit, what's up constantly scrolling back to where my cursor is? you're driving me batty. #
  • good news! west st exit off 690W open again. #
  • bad news. single lane closure 1 mile before west st exit still makes it a wash vs. driving through city. foo. #
  • another 9.5 mile run. feeling it today. just no get up and go. ankle a little cranky after all the disuse. #
  • feel like a real engineer when I use a HAVING clause in some sql. doesn't happen often enough. #
  • shoot, didn't really need the HAVING clause. self esteem down the crapper. #
  • when I buy ink, I really buy ink… #
  • Hmm. Peanut not much interested in sleep. Second night she's been up past 10. #
  • messing around a bit with Testopia… #
  • ubuntu apache set is frig'n crazy until you get the hang of it. lets put a little over here, a little over there and stick that over there. #
  • smell of freshly baked bread from @lowensteinbs is driving me nutty. must resist eating whole loaf now. #
  • Too nice a day to be stuck in the office. #
  • skated for the first time in 2 years this morning. some how managed not to wreck. kind of a mind warp after running so much. #
  • RT @thomasfuchs: Nomnom. #
  • Going shopping… #
  • oh lawd, gui is not included with git core package on ubuntu? maybe I'll get some work done after getting every last thing installed… #





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