Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-07-25

  • amazing that I can download dmb boots almost as fast a local copy. bit torrent + fios is where its at. #
  • Got a few things done, but planned to do more. Don't feel too bad because I still didn't manage to sneak in a nap. #
  • RT @zeldman: Hobo Matt is walking from Rockaway Beach NY to Rockaway Beach OR, taking pix along the way. #
  • jonesing for some pretzels. that pretzel guy better be at the farmers market today. just sayin… #
  • RT @thomasfuchs: RT @nevenmrgan: Turns out no matter how you hold the Nexus One, it gets discontinued after six months. #
  • annoyed that the most useful part of the local page (the radar map) is always the last part to load. #
  • vnc over ssh is pretty slick. pcanywhere? who needs it? #
  • slightly frightened how many typos in my emails as of late. a mind is a terrible thing to waste. #
  • The Count Censored Video #
  • RT @mikeroweworks: We think Mike would be reluctant to push this but we think everyone should hear it. #
  • World Cup fans and great cats: together in vuvuzela disdain #
  • before I forget again, awesome burrito for lunch at today #
  • found and fixed 2 crazy complicated to reproduce bugs. brain fried. #
  • paying bills. found memories of having disposable income. #
  • beep beep beep. backing up boots with my fancy rosewill bare drive dock. still reminds me of a toaster. #
  • ha! only 12.4Gb to go. #
  • RT @johncmayer: I like playing the Today Show as much as I dislike waking up to play the Today Show. That is to say very, very much. #
  • oh meld… have you told you yet today how much I love you? xoxo. #
  • RT@thegizwiz: RackTrap.Undercover police operation? No,it's a safe pocket 2 hide, cash, keys, in a bra. JockTrap next? #
  • handy perl function of the day? splice. #
  • easily rip elements out of the middle of an array. #
  • RIP Daniel Schorr #
  • Give that last link a listen, he had a pretty amazing career. Didn't know he sang on stage with Frank Zappa! #
  • A great northern pizza for our regular saturday night visit. #
  • One sauced buffalo and one steakhouse special. Yum! #
  • Jilly trying hurry up some teeth so can enjoy the pizza too. Probably getting sick of mush everyday #





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