Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-07-18

  • Another long day. Ran out to Utica to watch boilermaker and ran about a zillion errands. #
  • Btw- watching the boilermaker is about a tenth as fun as running hit. #
  • So happy that Larry stopped mid race for a hello and handshake. He's still my idol! #
  • Minor heart attack when MacBook harddrive didn't wanna spin up after a sleep. Ironically, I was just about to run my weekly backup. #
  • Thankfully, a quick reboot brought it back from the edge. Phew! #
  • rocking out some Ted Nugent. fond memories of seeing him live @ SPAC opening for KISS, way back in 2000. #
  • well, whatdya know? a queen bed is just longer than a full size. so my rail conversion earlier was a pointless exercise. #
  • wallet lighter after appropriate rails acquired from salesperson at raymour and flanagan who first insisted they didn't sell them separately #
  • guess I get to see what its like to sleep in our own guest bed. wonder if that room comes with free continental breakfast in the morning? #
  • enjoying dave and tim show from 7/6. dave is very chatty. like him saying 'some of you guys drink a little too much.' #
  • RT @kevinrose: OMG… the old spice guy is stalking me.. ha'!! #
  • think my mac is on the way out. now the optical drive is on the fritz. oh well, it probably doesn't owe me much at this point anyway. #
  • RT @donttrythis: Jewel is awesome. Funnyordie brilliant prank: (favorite part is guy who yells "JEWEL!!" at 5:30 #
  • weird al biopic? #
  • RT @codinghorror: "My mother used to bake bacon in brown sugar. Result: candied bacon, possibly the most deadly food product on the planet." #
  • Super Mario on Violin (with sound effects) #
  • gtd video game? (via @simplebits) #
  • Survey Says: Selenium by a Nose for Most Popular Test Framework (and perl is most popular test language) #
  • Forgot how fun the tour de France is to watch. Think they've got some new camera trick; feels like you're riding along… Cool! #
  • new mattress and box spring pretty tall. Kinda like sleeping on a skyscraper. comfy none-the-less. #
  • git is good. branch per feature or bug fix rocks. #
  • Boilermaker 2010 Party: Time lapse #
  • one more day till the weekend, can we make it? #
  • reviewed Asics GEL-Kushon TR Cross Training Shoes (For Men) at Sierra Trading Post – #
  • A zillion errands run already. Only about a million to go. #
  • Survived a 21 person wait at the barbershop. Mainly because they had good air conditioning. #
  • The peanut fried after a big poop. Enjoying a nice nappy now. #





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