Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-07-11

  • another cool "partners' desk" in action #
  • Amazing Stairs! #
  • futzing around on the interwebs a bit whilst the peanut and the mrs. take a little nappy. #
  • bought a new mattress and box spring. 66% off. does anybody ever pay retail prices for beds? #
  • hoping I can get away with just adding a center support to my existing bed rails. going from full to queen… #
  • Win a new Canon 5D MK II or $2500 of photo scans from @scancafe & Scott Bourne. Pls RT. Info at: #
  • RT @amazonmp3: 7/4 Daily Deal: 30 Ted Nugent songs for $.76: how can one resist? #
  • fyi all beer fans. wegmans has build your own 6 packs with an assortment of about 60 brews. saranac, sam adams, magic hat, many others $8.99 #
  • Holy crap it was hot today. First time running the house a/c this year. Crap supposed to even hotter in the next few days. #
  • RT @MrTeller: Did "Shaq Vs." tonight. Huge crowd, great fun. Shaq has three bodyguards. I don't have any. He seemed worried about me. #
  • Found footage: Creating photorealistic portraits with a finger and an iPad #
  • I've got that Brushes app for iPod Touch. Now, I just need some time and talent. #
  • Finger painting on the iPad (this one with live model, very interesting) #
  • ok. ajax history isn't hard after a little missing around. #
  • scrolling a DIV to certain point on the other hand. slightly maddening to pull off cross browser (with prototype.js, anyway) #
  • LEGO Architecture – Fallingwater yes please! #
  • RT @grantimahara: Parasailing successful! It's a very peaceful ride, actually… #
  • RT @RaphaelJS: How many points gRaphaël could handle? 1M with ease: #
  • Holga D – Holga Digtal Camera #
  • no big surprise, the new cd from Ed Kowalczyk (Alive) sounds pretty much like Live. #
  • good lawd, why does mysql substring start with index of 1? #
  • RT @petersagal: Had drinks with a genius last night. And no, I wasn't drinking alone. #
  • NPR: Broken Bells Live From Stubbs SXSW 2010-More at #
  • Browser! :: Add-on for Thunderbird sweet, now I can put my gtd program in a tab right in thunderbird. slick. #
  • finding a nice stash of amazon music stuff I'd downloaded and forgotten about. #
  • Ran a 9.5 miler this morning in honor of the boilermaker I won't be running tomorrow. Hope to enjoy as a spectator tho… #





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