Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-07-04

  • nice lazy sunday morning. well, not so lazy actually, squeezed in a refreshing and tiring 6 mile run. hope to have a repeat on that soon. #
  • hmm. only missing 1 dmb boot for summer 2k10. 6-01, where art thou? #
  • I just got up to 14,108 in #DoodleJump !! Beat that! #
  • RT @simplebits: We Are Not Time Travelers – Re-imagining four common products from 2010 as if they were designed in… #
  • RT @schumonk: o.k. how do you get this good at something like hand shadowing?! #
  • RT @thomasfuchs: RT @chneukirchen: #
  • ok, trying to head off to sleep in early in hopes of pre-work run tomorrow. stay tuned to see how that turns out. #
  • Respect the global state of the flip flop operator « The Effective Perler #
  • goofing around with our new samsung digital camera. not 1080p, but I'll take 720p for only $99. will post some stuff on flickr eventually. #
  • feeling feisty after a pre-work 6 mile run. probably means I'll be asleep before jilly tonight. #
  • RT @zeldman: So wrong, it's right. #
  • guessing the AT&T store down the street must be getting some iPhone 4's today. #
  • not sure how to otherwise explain about 20 people in line outside at 7:15am. #
  • RT @merlyn: new laptop via FedEx: China to Anchorage to Memphis, then back to Portland. Couldn't they have airdropped it while flying over? #
  • 480GB Mercury Extreme Pro SSD 2.5" Serial-ATA… (SSDMX480) at OWC wow! #
  • RT @MorningEdition: @LennyKravitz finds a church choir singing "Fly Away" and decides to join in. #
  • RT @postsecret: Johnny Depp's next film by "Pirates of the Caribbean" director Gore Verbinski is not what you think. #
  • ubuntu 10.04 updated to FF 3.6.6 today. quick test drive and its about a zillion times faster than the 3.5.x that I was using. nice. #
  • enjoyed a nice lunch time visit from the mrs. and the peanut. #
  • how did I ever remember where I left off at work with out Komodo Edit projects? slick. #
  • RT @thomasfuchs: My CC company called me actually, and reversed charges & canned the card. May those thieves swallow their vuvuzelas. #
  • spent after prework chores and a nice 6 miler. hope I can keep the momentum on the running thing going. #
  • heard that the new gov healthcare site went online today. in a breath of fresh air, it doesn't suck. #
  • RT @thomasfuchs: RT @roidrage: Pure gold: (humorous version control commit messages) #
  • thanks to all the DMB tapers out there. its freaking awesome that I'm listening to last night's awesome show this morning. #
  • stupid @Sierratp offer emails. had to buy another pair of kicks. can't pass up 35% off their already discounted price. #
  • RT @Sierratp: Haha! Sorry about that, Jason! We do hope you enjoy the new shoes though, and we'll count on you to let us know otherwise! 🙂 #
  • reading up on ways to fix the back button in ajax. interesting stuff. #
  • enjoying a little quiet and getting some chores done before the girls wake up. #





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