Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-06-20

  • pleasantly shocked that some fancy new ajax code worked in IE6 with out any fiddling. sweet. #
  • happy 1/2 year birthday to my little jilly bean. #
  • hmm. for some reason gnome-do's twitter plugin can't remember my password any more. #
  • if gnome-do starts up on its own and I try to tweet, it takes out gnome-do entirely. perfect! #
  • RT @codinghorror: RT @timbray: Mac vs PC, the awful truth: #
  • RT @SLessard: Yo.jeeez,hands of god had me drippin tears,I get emotional sometimes,Im losing a dear friend to cancer and it just hit me hard #
  • RT @MorningEdition: Happy Birthday @nprinskeep #
  • USB typewriter for iPad #
  • I have to go now, #
  • nearly electrocuted myself last night changing a fuse. melted my nice lineman's pliers a bit. guess its time for a new fuse box. #
  • RT @MorningEdition: Look at this colorful bacon #
  • almost went for a run this morning. but ran and making sure I get out of work on time eventually killed the idea. some day… #
  • Limo Win #
  • RT @schumonk: hummm… do i want to live in a transformer? #
  • hmmm. mac porn. new mac mini undressed #
  • Whoa tweeting from an iPod touch. Surprisingly cool. Maybe I'll think a little harder about an iphone. #
  • ha ha, digit; turning the hall light on at 2:58am was a riot. you've got a lot of spray bottle in your future. #
  • hmm. peanut must have snuck some naps in today. its an hour past her bed time and she's got no end in sight. #
  • funny as I typed that I can hear her pooping. guess that's what was keeping her up. wait, a few more grunts coming. #
  • Having a great visit with the Utica family. Jilly enjoying the attention. #
  • Yikes. Overstimulated baby cried most of the way back from the in-laws. Not much interest in sleeping now. #





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