Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-06-13

  • RT @codinghorror: Mario learns a mindblowing secret #
  • RT @donttrythis: RT @BillCorbett: Just saw Adam Savage (@donttrythis) sing I WILL SURVIVE as Gollum. Bucket list complete. See ya! #
  • oh great Angelina Jolie is sending me spam email to join facebook. can't she just leave me alone? #
  • RT @TomBodett: First I buy Ipod touch, then iphone 3g, then 3gs, then ipad. Now I see iphone4. I give up. I'm getting a horse. #
  • Kiss vs Michael Jackson say what? #
  • mac'n out today at work as new ubuntu installs on my primary at the office. #
  • was gonna say that I missed gnome do's tweet short cut, but I just remembered I can do the same with quicksilver #
  • RT @shawnp0wers: New LJ Video: Split Pane File Viewing with Nautilus super cool. #
  • wdCalendar – jQuery Based Google Calendar Clone impressive. #
  • tweeting from the me menu in ubuntu 10.04 #
  • tweet test from gnome-do. are you broken in 10.04? #
  • gonna be a loooong day. been up most of the night with sick kid. #
  • RT @shawnp0wers: I wonder why Twitter has been so whale-y lately. #
  • How do Mecanum wheels work? (if you've ever wondered about the cool forklift on mythbusters…) #
  • happy to replace some crummy old interface with some slick ajax sexiness. #
  • heaven: I can now set SMS reminders in my google calendar from Thunderbird via Lightening. #
  • yeah, I'm a geek. you didn't know that already? #
  • congrats to @lowensteinbs on the first flight of his home built RC plane. great job! #





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