Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-06-06

  • wow downloading last night's dmb show at 2Mbps. FIOS rocks. #
  • RT @jsmag: Slick: AppEngineJS! interesting #
  • That's my girl… #
  • Get a chance to win 500 premium business cards (via @mirkohumbert) #
  • hmm. I just code an ajax call back that has JSON with embedded JSON. can't decide if that's stupid or cool. #
  • oh crap 10pm already? guess no work on fun projects tonight. phooey. #
  • Google to employees: 'Mac or Linux, but no more Windows' #
  • Liberal Leave #
  • hmm. @woot today is pretty tempting. but, gonna pass. no more toys. #
  • tweet quoted here: am I famous yet? #
  • interesting: show magnatude of gulf oil spill relative to your locale. #
  • I love those days where it takes you an hour to get to the bathroom because everybody wants your attention at once. #
  • ignore any load popping noises from my office; head fixin to 'asplode from overload. #
  • term of the day: 'C-suite' #
  • RT @donttrythis: This will haunt your dreams (Satchmo Death Metal) #
  • Kill'n time wait'n for the car dealer shuttle again. #
  • Go'n for a record for how much we can spend with vw in 1 week. #
  • fiddle dee dee. shuttle running late today. ugh. #
  • sweet. a zillion report requests to deal with. that's ok, I didn't want to make any progress on my task list anyway. #
  • sweet. a zillion issue reports to deal with. that's ok, I didn't want to make any progress on my task list anyway. #
  • in need of a drink after analyzing some scary old code. #
  • Ozzy Osbourne – Crazy Train (Smooth Jazz Version) #
  • can't stop watching death metal and smooth jazz comical remakes. these folks have way to much free time. #
  • Abba-Dancing Queen(Metal Version) #
  • Broken Bells – The Ghost Inside best video I've seen in a while… #
  • RT @antsmarching: DMB News: Dave and Tim to do Perform Mid-Tour Show #
  • just when I write off dave shows for '10, they go and add a Dave and Tim show @ Canandaigua. Probably still won't go, sniff.. #
  • RT @zeldman: Sued for speaking out online. scary stuff. #
  • Time for some Film Swapping « Flickr Blog interesting #
  • BP oil spill hitting the coastline of Louisiana: horrible, sad. #
  • ok, switching from RSS to update facebook from twitter to the twitter facebook app. lesse if that works better. #
  • another crazy saturday done. a blur of shopping, misc chores and lots of jilly time. #





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