Cold and Tiring, But So Satisfying

As fall quickly slides into Central New York, I’m a little less exciting than usual due to the kinda crummy summer.  Normally, I’m totally ready for the long hot days to be done.  We had some really hot days, but nothing that stopped me from running; including a few night runs when I left and it was over 90 degrees.

But, those days seem to be long gone.  I was on my way out the door at 7am and noticed that it was only 48 out.  I hedged for a bit, then decided that some long sleeves were warranted.  In the sun, it was pretty comfortable, in the shade and with a little breeze, it was too cool for me to be without sleeves.

Running down the canal trail, I enjoyed watching the fog rolling across the water.  Someday, I’ll have to sacrifice some early morning run time for a photo walk.  There’s already some leaves starting to pile up on the fringes of the trail.   Slightly unusual, I didn’t run into any one on the trail until right before I turned off to get onto the Green Lakes trails.  I thought for sure that there would be some other folks out enjoying the coolness.

Right after cresting the first big hill, I ran right up on a doe.  Amazingly tame.  I actually had to slow up a bit so I didn’t spook him completely.

I reveled in how amazingly clear it was when I got to the first break in the trees.  After seeing the same vista on cloudy, rainy, and hazy days all summer long, its amazingly different.  Pure blue sky set against deep greens with random shots of red, yellow, and orange.   I’m guessing it’ll probably be another two weeks or so and there won’t be much green left.

I pressed on through the Serengeti.  My shoes were starting to get a little heavy from the dew soaked grass.  Since I left about an hour later for this run, so I missed the waves of fog riding across the rolling hills that I’ve been seeing more and more.  That’s ok with me, as I could do without the warm, cold, warm, cold that you run through as you go through the ups and downs anyway.

Even though I’ve been doing this same 2:45 route for a while now, for some reason, I was feeling really tired.  I’ve got a sore spot the top of my left foot and little twinge every now and again in my left hip.  No deal breakers thankfully, just signs of another out door running season getting ready to wind down.

I made it back home soon and safe enough.  Had some calf cramping for an hour or two after the run.  Was totally looking forward to a nice afternoon nap, but visitors, church, dinner, and grocery shopping left no time for that.  I was sound asleep by 10pm, tired, but satisfied.





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