iTalk; what’s to come?

Here’s an amazing video (via) an apple fan put together of what an apple mobile phone and iPod combination might look like. I’d probably go for something like that.

Speaking of phones, it was recently re-up time from my contract. At first, I was very interested in the Sony Walkman Phone, but not enough to switch to Cingular. I briefly flirted with the idea of a Razr or SLVR, but I just could see dropping that much dough on a phone that’ll I’ll barely ever use and would require switching carriers.

So, I just re-upped my Sprint contract and picked up a not too fancy LG LX350. It was one step up from the freebie, works great, and has vastly better sound quality than the Nokia candy bar it replaced. It also has a megapixel (1.3) camera, though I have had a chance to mess around with it much.





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