Cell Phone Redemption

After puttering around the house for a while and doing my requisite time at the gym, I figured it was time for some more fun at the cell phone store.  Guessing that the mall store would be overrun with teenyboppers, I headed to the other standalone Sprint location in town (well, Fairmont.)

Pleasantly surprised that even though there were a bunch of cars in the parking lot shared with a few other stores, there wasn’t a sole in the Sprint store.  I head up the counter and I remade my case.  My cat busted my phone, it works ok, except it doesn’t ring, I don’t have insurance, and I really don’t want to pay full retail for another phone.

The guy started by saying he’d take a look at the phone, but wasn’t sure he’d be able to do anything.  He asked how old the phone was and I said less than a year.  He then said that the best thing to is probably to try to get Palm to do a warranty replacement.  I told him I was trying to see if anybody in town could do anything for me before going that route.  That and being so close to the 1 year timeout on the warranty, I’m pretty sure that they’d find a way to screw me.

I said, well, while I’m here can you at least take a crack at it?  He said, yeah it’d cost me $15 to open it up, even if he couldn’t fix it.  I said sure, guessing that it was probably something easy to fix after getting the phone open.  He said give him and hour and fifteen minutes and stop back in.  I ducked out and killed the time with aimless wandering in Lowes and Walmart locations nearby.

An hour and fifteen minutes later, I stroll back in.  He said, good news and ducked into the back room.  On his way back into the showroom I could already hear the blink blink blinks of him stepping through the menus to preview the ringer to show me everything was working.  Sweet.  So, I said how much do I owe ya, he said its $15.  Cool.

So, to help mitigate further calamities, do you have any Centro cases?  He had a nice gel jacket and picked it.  After ringing me out, he promptly moved my number from the backup phone back to the repaired phone.

All in all, I’m pretty happy.  My phone works again, and I didn’t drop a whole lot of money to make it happen.  I think Sprint Fairmont just became my new default location for when I need to deal with them in person.





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