Vonage account cancellation, ugh.

Finally pulled the plug on my Vonage line.  We’re getting by just fine with the cell phones these days.   The only folks that call the old number are telemarketers.  Man, the cancellation process was almost comical in the lengths that the account manager will go to get you keep the line.

I spent a good 30 minutes on between hold and listening to the non-native english speaker (reading a script) giving me all the reasons I should keep the line (as an emergency backup for my cell phone), transferring it to someone else (saving them an activation fee),  and the deals that they’ll give me to stay signed up (3 months free, an unadvertised plan of $9.99/mo for 100 min); all the time I was telling them over and over that I just wanted the line disconnected.

I know its their job to keep me as a customer, but this seemed a little rediculous.  Wish there was a “no really, I just want to cancel” option that short circuits all the bs.





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