Ready to Rock

Just signed up for f’ville 10k and paige’s butterfly runs. The former is next Sunday, the latter is the following Saturday. Gonna be a fun week!

Hope the weather is better than than last Sunday. Did 10 miles. When I started off it was gray but brightening up. Mile 2 the sun was
shining, and the warmth felt real good. Mile 3 the wind picked up and the sky went black. Mile 4 and 5 it started to
sprinkle. Mile 6 it hailed. Miles 7, 8, and 9 it was just gray again. Mile 10 it was raining big time. Ick, gotta keep telling myself its May and maybe this stuff won’t last forever.

Training is going pretty well. After doing 5 days straight last week. I forced myself to take a few days off. The result was a decent time for that 10 miler on Sunday and pretty good 6 miler yesterday. Not sure I like my Y running shoes any more, starting to get some blisters. Gonna try some new socks; if that doesn’t help, I’ll be a shoe shop’n again.





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