Gotta get off Sprint…

So, I’ve been trying to log into my sprint customer account for a few days to update my billing address after my recent change of address. So, I fire up my password key ring and dig out my login credentials. I copy and paste them over and click the login button. Sorry, bad username or password. Ah, ok. Lemme make sure I copy and pasted that right (still absent mindly swap control for command on the Mac every now and again.) Ok, that looks right. Sorry, bad username or password.

Ok, maybe I forgot to update my key ring the last time they forced me change my password (or maybe it was username, since I remember being able to log in with my phone number as my username.) Lemme try the forgot password feature. Bzzt, we’re sorry, but we can’t let you change your password online at the moment. Please call Sprint customer care for more assistance. Funk that, I’ll try again later.

I took few days off and tried it again. Same deal, can’t log in, password reset features says currently not available.

I tried it again this morning. Got in the on the first try with the username and password that I had on file. Way to run a website, Sprint. It ain’t rocket science, ya know?

Another annoyance is my paper bill. Recently, they helpfully reformatted the bill, switching it from the smaller sized paper to full 8 1/2×11″. In the process they dropped useful details like how many minutes each of the lines in my family plan used (ed.- take that back, its just on a different page; in really small type. ugh.) and replaced them with useless boilerplate and full page ads for services that I don’t care about.

I’m pretty sure that all wireless providers suck these days, but do any suck even a little bit less? What do you use, do you like them?





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  1. Mike Avatar

    I use AT&T, no wait – Cingular… oh what, AT&T again? I use AT&T. It sucks too. I’m pretty hands off though, and only log onto the site once a month to check my statement and pay my bill.

    Lately my phone’s started dropping calls when I’m sitting on my couch, which is fun, mostly the phone’s fault though I guess.

    They’ve never locked me out and changed my password on me though, so I guess Sprint sucks worse 🙂

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