Running Funk?

Not sure what the deal is but lately, my running hasn’t been going so well, specifically the long runs.  It feels like all my get up and go has just plain got up and went.

Ever since the marathon, it feels like my legs just haven’t been the same. I slow brought the daily runs back to 45 minutes with an hour thrown in every few days.  Most days I feel pretty good after the daily.  As the week wears on, I feel a little fatigued but nothing out of the ordinary.

The long runs usually start off pretty well, but after an hour, my motivation falls of pretty quickly.  2 weeks ago, I finished 90 minutes without too much hassle.  Last week, I pushed that to 2 hours and felt pretty much spent.   This week, I managed 2 hours again, but just barely.

I almost felt as bad at the end of that 2 hours as I did the last half hour of the marathon.  My right need was bugging me somewhat, but I think its just from road crowning.  I carried water with me, maybe I just not drinking enough.  I wasn’t thirsty, but was definitely dehydrated at the end.  Next week, I gotta remember to bring my strappy bottle with gatorade.

Maybe I’m just burned out.  Maybe its work and 1st time home buyer stress.  Maybe its straight up training.  I’ve been in loafing along in my half assed recovery training.  I gotta get started on Kevin’s ongoing maintenance plan.   Hopefully, that’ll shake things up.





2 responses to “Running Funk?”

  1. Samuel A. Falvo II Avatar

    Have you moved yet? If so, maybe it’s because you have a new route?

    When I ride my bike, my body gets into a rhythm(sp?) that makes it distinctly easier to ride that particular path than some other path. If running is the same way, then maybe your body just needs to adjust to the new route?

  2. jasonjcrowther Avatar

    Haven’t moved yet. Closing is currently scheduled for 10/26, so I’m guessing we’re about a month from actual move in day.

    Route-wise, I’m on some roads that I haven’t been on in a while, but nothing totally new. Now that I’m thinking about it a little more, most of my long run experience prior to the marathon was off road (at Green Lakes trails.)

    Even though the trails are more technically challenging (meaning you kinda gotta pay attention) they’re a lot easier on the body. The dirt and grass is lot cushier than pavement, that’s for sure. I really gotta make it back to Green Lakes to do my leaf peeping.

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