Sit down, kid…

The Wineglass Marathon results are in. I am proud to report the rest of the 1st Marathon team did 100% awesome:

  • Bob: 3:29:07*
  • Joe: 3:34:06
  • Suzanne: 3:48:00
  • Jen: 3:50:22*
  • Diane: 4:06:21

*- qualified for Boston Marathon!

Again, I am once again humbled to have had the opportunity to train with such awesome athletes (and coach Kevin Collins.) After finishing the program and my first marathon, I truly understand and respect the dedication of everyone in the program.

Congratulations again!  Enjoy a little break guys, you’ve more than earned it.

Geez, I guess Rochester can’t be my last marathon. Can’t have all you guys putting me to shame so bad, hehe.





2 responses to “Sit down, kid…”

  1. chris Avatar

    Are you from Utica? If so, have you traced your ancestory? I’m related to Crowthers in Utica.

  2. jasonjcrowther Avatar

    I am from Utica. Haven’t gotten around to tracing ancestry much yet. I’m kinda interested, just never seem to get around to it. If you’d like to chat more send an email to jason at this domain…

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