First Run Post Marathon

This morning, I figured that I had enough of a break and headed out for a daily run.  I was torn between 1 or 2 laps on my 22 minute circuit.  The first lap went pretty good, so I hung on for number 2.  Toward the middle of that lap, my right knee started to ache a bit.

Strange part is that the opposite knee from the one that gave me lots of trouble earlier in the season.  Can’t tell for sure yet, but it seems like the exact same spot as the other leg.  Strange. Gonna ice it and keep an eye on it.

I was almost considering doing the Falling Leaves 14K on Sunday.  I say that I’m gonna do it every year, but never seem to make it out.  But, after the knee thing earlier, I think its probably smart to work in a few solid weeks of dailies before I consider another race.





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