Its Official, the Smack has been Laid Down

Me with My Finishers MedalRight After the Finish

4:09:05 after crossing the starting line, I threw myself across the finish line at my first marathon. I really wanted to break the 4 hour mark, but after dragging around legs of lead for the last 3 miles, I was pretty happy to make across the line at all. I walked a little in miles 23, 24, and 25 (maybe about 3/4 of a mile total); mainly to make sure I got some water down instead of just splashing all over my face. Have to say the hardest part was trying to start running again after walking. Just a boatload of agony.

I almost thought I was hallucinating when I heard Kevin’s voice in mile 26. He ran up toward me, hung a u-turn and ran me in the final stretch. The final talk in really helped. After the finish line, I was pretty much a wreck. Legs were all sorts of wobbly. I told my wife and brother I just needed lay down for a bit. I’m guessing I was pretty dehydrated (even though I hit every water stop on the second half and supplemented with onboard gatorade), because I had some pretty fierce chills; kinda scary actually. After pounding down a few waters, some more gatorade, and nice lay down in some muddy grass, I was feeling good enough to grab some food and walk back to the hotel.

I’m gonna put together another post that has more details during the run soon, my brain is just too mushy right to type more at the moment. Stay tuned.

But, I can’t leave out my list of thank-you’s.

  1. My wife, Sandy, for letting devote some much time in my recent past to get ready. She was always a barrel of laughs when I hobbled up the stairs after all those long runs and listening to me bitching about everything running related. It takes real courage to watch your loved one spend so much time destroying their body.
  2. To 1st Marathon Crew. Geez, where to start? How about the top? Kevin, of course! Without his superb training program, I’d still be running pansy half marathons. His amazing knowledge of running, ability to share, and accessibility removed all my excuses. Thanks for turning me into a real runner.On to the crew, themselves: Larry, he’s my rock; he just never stops. Bob, you’re just a speed demon; hopefully, someday I’ll be able to catch you. Joe, I don’t know anyone more determined than you; thanks for pushing me to run my fastest ever 10k-ish distance on the 40 minute tempo. Mark, I think I’ll be joining you on the shorter distances. Melissa, I’ve never seen somebody pick up running as fast as you; get ready for the big times!I don’t wanna slight the rest of the crew either, every one of you gave me the drive I needed to meet up for a new challenge each week. Best wishes on all your future racing endeavors. Its been a true privilege to run with each of you.
  3. To my brother Ray. Thanks for all the race week hospitality; Have fun finding that piece of rotini pasta that’s jammed somewhere in your stove from my pre-race pasta meal. You were also a great sport for sitting through that whole marathoner panel discussion at the expo. I know it wasn’t your cup of tea, but I hope you got a few laughs out of it.
  4. To the Purplewire Crew. Thanks for all the moral support through out the training period. Also, a big shout out to Jay and Cha for letting me adjust my work hours around my running (and zillion other things.) Its amazing to work with such a great team.
  5. To the Rochester Marathon Folks. While this was my first real marathon, I’ve done a few dozen other races up to now. This one was pretty well organized, I’m happy to report. No lines at the packet pick or chip pickups. A well stocked post race area with lots of options. The only real complaint I can offer is that mile markers need to be a little bigger; for folks like me (blind as bat without glasses), they’re a little hard to pick out. Other than that, all was great!
  6. To the spectators. Its hard to replicate the crowd from Utica that carries you through the Boilermaker, but there were some sections in the marathon that came pretty close. I tried to bank up all the kind words I could and start paying ’em back out in mile 20. A heartfelt thank you to everyone who paid me a compliment or gave a little shot of encouragement out on the course. Its you guys that got me through!

Surprisingly, I’m writing this on the evening of the race day, without even taking my requisite post race nap. Unsurprisingly, my eyes are beginning to drop, so I think its off to be with me after a challenging, but rewarding day.





11 responses to “Its Official, the Smack has been Laid Down”

  1. mark Avatar

    Jason great job you did it, see at the 10 and 15k’s !!!!!!!!

  2. Bob M Avatar
    Bob M

    You the man! Wow I know exactly the feeling you described about the legs, chills, and plain exhausted feeling after the finish. Still not sure if its dehydration or just that we pushed past the point wear your body cares to go. I’m praying that I don’t feel as bad during and after Wineglass.
    You should feel awesome after such an accomplishment.
    See you in Boston someday!
    Let me know when you want to go for an “easy” run.

  3. Carolyn Sterritt Avatar
    Carolyn Sterritt

    Jason Congratulations!
    It’s a great accomplishment, and now all the other marathoners have your example to follow at Wineglass and beyond!
    Earlier I was checking results on the Rochester site and I must have been looking at 2006 results and got worried because I didn’t see your name…so I was relieved to hear from Jennifer with your result!
    Melissa and I are running the Falling Leaves. My marathon goals are for next year. It’s a great feeling for me to just feel strong enough after all this training to start marathon training perhaps for the spring or next year’s Wineglass.
    Let us know how you feel this week.

  4. Larry Avatar


    CONGRATS !!!!!!!!!!!! That’s awesome. I hope you’re feeling OK today. Make sure you take it easy for a couple of days and get lots of good sleep, good food and good lovin’. You’ve accomplished something that the vast majority of people can’t even fathom much less attempt. It is pretty simple: 26.2 miles is a long freakin’ distance to run. Be proud of your accomplishments; you’ve established yourself as an elite in my book.


  5. Melissa B. Avatar
    Melissa B.

    AWESOME! AWESOME! AWESOME! I checked your time and am certain that next year you will break that 4-hour mark. So very close.
    Thanks for the kind words. I’ll be running those through my mind next Sunday at the Falling Leaves 14K to get me through the switch-back section!

  6. Mike V Avatar
    Mike V

    Much respect dude! You’re officially my running idol!

  7. Kathy Avatar

    Dear Jason,

    You did very well for a first marathon and should be proud of yourself. You did all of the work you needed to do so diligently. But the marathon is its own animal and so many things can alter the outcome. That is what makes it so satisfying. 4:09 is an awesome time for a first marathon. Next one, you’ll have it. Good job! Kathy Collins

  8. Greg W. Avatar
    Greg W.

    Thank you for the kind words, and great job back at you!! You finished and that was the #1 goal. I knew we separated around mile 5. I felt great and plodded on. I was having a great time through mile 14 to 15. Miles 15 to 19 were starting to get more serious and the canal path was starting to get to me. A hilly little SOB I might add. Bottoms of my feet were hurting. Miles 22 to the end were brutal for me, I considered walking but didn’t. Where is the end? Each mile at this point was sooooo long. I thought, “Man, I don’t want to run another one of these again”! I had no emotion at the end what-so-ever. I felt sick to my stomach after I finished and I had the feeling like I was going to puke for about 15 min. But I didn’t. I kept thinking about you through out the race and late in the race thought you might pass me. Again, I was alert and I was thinking of you right to the end wondering if you felt as bad as I did. The emotions went from elation in the 1st half, quickly to seriousness, and then to dread at the end. Its funny this marathon thing. Today I’m thinking of which marathon I want to run next year. Good job Jason. See you running somewhere soon. Greg

  9. Leanne M. Avatar
    Leanne M.

    Just checked your blog after Larry reminded me of the marathon. Terrific – terrific – terrific! Great job. Miles 23, 24, 25, and 26 look like they must have been brutal – but you did it!

    Congrats to you.


  10. Diane G. Avatar
    Diane G.

    Way to go Jason! I knew that you would do great. I know exactly how you felt from my past experiences. Loved your blog – made me feel like I was right there. Rest up – you deserve it. Congrats!!


  11. Sean Avatar

    Hey Man!

    Congrats on the marathon!!! You weren’t kidding when you said there was less of you!

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