10k Running Fun

My first 10k for 2006 is now on the books. Last Sunday, I did the Fayetteville 10k Classic. Its a kinda small race, with about 200 runners; but, it was pretty fun, none-the-less. I was pretty familiar with the area and the course from random biking excursions over the years. But, I didn’t remember how hilly it was.

Felt like every time you got to the top of a hill, it was an immediate downhill, lather, rinse, repeat. Nothing hard (like the Mountain Goat), but kinda annoying after a while. It was also kinda hot. I think it was about 75 or so; I was pretty soaked at the end, but felt pretty like I stayed reasonably hydrated.

My only gripe about the course is the doubling back right before the finish. They mentioned this part was new this year at the starting line. So when you make the turn back on to Burdick street, thinking you’re pretty close to being done, there’s actually quite a bit further to go.

Despite the hills and the heat, I turned in a pretty respectable 49:22. Not my fastest 10k, but I’ll take it, all things considered. Amazingly, I placed 3rd in my age group (you can figure it out if you really care…) Guess that’s not saying too much since there were only 6 runners in that bunch.

Here’s the route from the gmap-pedometer. Unfortunately, the elevation gadget I was very interested in doesn’t seem to be working at the moment, nuts.

Looking forward to Paige’s Butterfly Run on Saturday. Hope this crappy digestive problem (hehe, pun intended) I’ve had the last few days works itself out by then; or else, its gonna be an extra exciting time.





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