Am I a Cheese Roller?

Recently, the following email showed up:

From: James Fryer
Date: May 14, 2007 1:07 PM
Subject: Are you a cheese roller?

Hi Jason,

Apologies for the out of the blue email.

I’m actually looking for the Jason Crowther who won last year’s cheese rolling event in Gloucestershire. I noticed on your website that you are a downhill runner and thought I might have found the right man – but then looking at your picture you look nothing like the picture of the Jason I’ve seen.

Perhaps by some strange coincidence you share the name and sporting interest of the person I’m after!

Would really appreciate it if you could get in touch.


Cheese Rolling, for the uneducated, is pretty much what it sounds like, chasing a wheel of cheese down a hill. I giggled as the read the Cheese Rolling Wikipedia entry where it says that later rounds of the competition are postponed as the ambulances need to return from the hospital after dropping off contestants from previous rounds.

Turns out that I’ve been warring for top search result on Google with a few other Jason Crowther’s. The guy in the top spot at the moment happens to be Jason Crowther, the Cheese Rolling Champion.

Couldn’t leave my new friend James hanging, so I sent this back:

hi james,

sorry, but I think you’ve got the wrong jason crowther. I’m more of the flatland running type myself. it appears that the jason crowther, the cheese roller, is besting me on google again. darn. by the way, I’m also not jason crowther the grad student, or jason crowther the triathlete.



I thought my wise ass reply would be the end of it. But, surprisingly, I got another reply.

Hi Jason,

Thanks for your email. Maybe you should give the cheese roll a go? It’s a bit of a vertical shift from flat running but I reckon it must be your destiny 🙂

Man, that’s a hoot.

hi james,

hmm. think I’m gonna pass on rolling. I seem to have enough trouble trying to keep myself injury free just running on the flats. knowing my luck, I’d probably break my leg on the walk up the hill. 😉

Nice to bump into someone a nice sense of humor.  He was kind enough to let me share this with his blessing.





3 responses to “Am I a Cheese Roller?”

  1. Jason Crowther Avatar
    Jason Crowther

    I am, in fact the cheese rolling Jason Crowther, sorry I have the top Google spot, though I’ve personally not had a lot of input for this (bar, of course, by cheese rolling!) Better than reading about it, check out the footage on the cheese rolling, Youtube or bbc Gloucestershire websites! Damn funny carnage! You seem to be troubled by some fella called James! Maybe you can tell him to look me up on Facebook, some freinds have set up a page for me! Anyway, from one Jason Crowther to another, Cheers.

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