I Just Wanna Watch TV (part 32)

Hmm, been a few more weeks. Time for another update!

Last time, the TV guy came over tried to install the part he thought was causing the problem. After a bunch of screwing around under the hood, it seemed to work ok, but died right as he was leaving. He said he was gonna report the TV as not feasible for repair and that his office would be back in touch in 5 business days.

The said 5 days elapsed with no word from them. So, I gave them a ring to check in. The first level tech pulled up my account info and said that someone in another department was handling the transaction with the extended warranty company and sent me over to their extension. I left a message with my account details and a request for a call back.

A day or so later, they called back and said that they were having trouble getting to the right person at the extended warranty company. Supposedly this person was out at some training session and not following up on their calls. The tech at the repair company swung for the bleachers and called the supervisor of the person being non-responsive. Rock on.

Eventually, they got the details worked out and the ball was completely in the court of the extended warranty company. The repair center said to hold tight and the extended warranty would be in touch in 5 business days to work out the details. I thanked her for going the extra mile. But, before I let her go, I said can you give me the contact info for the extended warranty company and my claim details when they drag their feet on getting back to me.

So, while I was waiting out the latest 5 day period, I was surprised to get a call from the Best Buy Warranty Replacement department. I almost dropped the phone.

She said that they had approved my exchange claim. She went on to say that they sent my claim details to my local Best Buy. After they get the info at the store I can bring my defunct TV and they will exchange it for something else. She gave me an authorization number and cut me loose.

I’m gonna try to bug my local store on Wednesday and see just what the details are gonna be. I’m still not sure what they’re gonna offer me in exchange. It won’t be a Sony tube HDTV, because they don’t make them any more. But a quick scan of the Best Buy website revealed a few tube HDTVs from other makers. Ideally, I’d like to that the opportunity to move to an LCD. It would be much easier to move when eventually depart our current place.

Hopefully, this will be a turning point in the saga. I’m looking forward to a TV that won’t make me squint.






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