Dealer Courtesy Calls

So, Monday morning, the check engine light in my car was still lit up. Figured rather than blow something up, I’d better go get it checked out again. I left them my car for the day. About 4 o’clock, I gave them a ring, as I hadn’t heard anything from them all day. They said they’d fixed my broken latch and check engine light was a sensor they forget to reset after doing that oil change last week. Other than screwing up my work day, everything was back to normal.

On Wednesday, I got a courtesy call from dealer’s quality control department. They call for most visits. I told them that things that were generally good, but I was kinda annoyed that they forgot to do that reset thing and which required me to drop the car off again. He sounded apologetic (they always do), and said he’d make sure the appropriate persons were notified.

So, I hung up my phone and got back to my work. About an hour or so later, my cell phone rings again. The number was the same as the last time. Hmm, maybe they want some more details or are calling back with an apology. I pick up and its the same guy I talked to previously; starting the same spiel again, oblivious that he talked to me just an hour ago and that I gave him negative feedback. I said, hey, ah, we just talked a hour ago. He said whoops, something about duplicate record, and got off the phone pretty quick.

Hmm, I guess there are two probabilities. First, the guy was just a moron. Second, the only reason the courtesy calls exist is to make the customer feel better. In real life, all the feedback (or at least the bad feedback) goes straight into the circular file.





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