Operation: Unpimp My Ride, Day 2

Figured it was probably better to get legal faster than worrying about some glue stuck to my window. So, last night, I detinted the front passenger window. This one was a little harder to get started, because the tint was still pretty well affixed at the top of the window (the other window was peeling back just a bit).

I think I figured out the two tricks to removing tint. First, work on strips about 3 inches wide. Any wider than that and the plastic protective layer and the tint layer tend to separate on the edges. Second, pull slow. I’ve found that going slower and not pulling as hard is far more productive than really torquing it off because the glue stays on the tint, rather than getting left on the window.

So, this time through, I spent about 45 minutes removing the tint itself. But I left significantly less gunk on the window. I got about 75% of the gunk off before the bugs started irritating me. My hands were starting to get sore anyway.

I think with one more nights work, I should be able to finish things up. At least the weather has been nice the last few nights, so being outside with iPod music scraping away isn’t so bad.






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