Category: Tint

  • Case Dismissed

    Phew! Had my court date for that tinted window and license plate cover violation yesterday. After waiting about an hour for my turn to come up it was pretty much a non-event. The judge asked me what I had done about the offending modifications. I said they’d both been removed. He handed me off to […]

  • Operation: Unpimp My Ride, Day 2

    Figured it was probably better to get legal faster than worrying about some glue stuck to my window. So, last night, I detinted the front passenger window. This one was a little harder to get started, because the tint was still pretty well affixed at the top of the window (the other window was peeling […]

  • Operation: Unpimp My Ride

    Recently, my 8 year string of good luck came to an end and I got a ticket for illegal tint on my front windows. It was one of those traffic safety checkpoints. I thought I’d be OK (as I’m pretty sure I’ve been through them before), but when they stopped the car in front of […]