Super Mac Software Deal

Via digg, I stumbled on something call macheist. The idea is that a bunch of mac software developers banded together form a bundle of all their offerings. 10 programs a more than $350 value for only $49. and wait, don’t order just yet… 25% of your $49 goes to a charity. Sweet.

The original plan was that the last two big ticket programs (Newsfire and Textmate) didn’t become part of the bundle until certain charity goals were met ($50k and $100k). I checked in yesterday and they’d broken the 50K line. Later in the day, they dropped the 100K line for Textmate (and said that they’d pay the difference to 100K line out of their own pockets if they didn’t make it). As of right now, I’m happy to see they already at $116K, with another day and half to go.

Even though I don’t have my mac yet, I thought the deal was just too good to pass up. So, I bought my own copy of the bundle and I’m burning it to cd (along with all the registration program details) so it’ll ready to roll when my mac makes the scene. With Textmate being second on the list of programs (after Parallels) to buy after I get my mac, getting all the other programs in the bundle for just $10 more (and seeing some of the funds go to charity) seemed like a great investment.

Might be too little too late, but this bundle would surely be appreciated by any mac enthusiasts on your christmas gift list.

Update (2006-12-18) At the end of the promo, charity donations exceeded $200K.  Good job!





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