I Just Wanna Watch TV (part 29)

My mom always said, “Patience is a virtue.” If that’s the case I’m way too virtuous, I guess.

I haven’t bothered giving updates for a while, because the situation wasn’t changing. I’d check in with the local repair center, they’d say that they still hadn’t gotten the right authorization. Then I’d check in with Best Buy and give them the whole sad story again, and they’d assure me that everything would be right in 24 hours.

Then I gave it a shot last Friday again. Strangely, the required authorization amount at the local installer dropped from $350 to $235. After confirming that they didn’t have the needed authorization, they hung up on me before I could ask why the amount changed.

Ok, the authorization was under the $250 authorization that they had been sending previously. So, let me make sure Best Buy knows that. Called them up, got the same story I’ve heard so many times before. But the tech put me on hold and said he was going to call the local service center. Based on the history, I didn’t think that would be all that productive. He came back in a few minutes and said the authorization amount had changed and that he would resend the authorization for the umpteenth time. Whatever, looks like another round beginning.

I know that the transfer of authorization stuff takes a while (don’t know why, considering all these new fangled computers and such), so I made sure that I waited out the full the 24 hours they claim it takes to make it to the service center. I called in late yesterday. Here’s my case number, is there any chance the proper authorization is there. I’m sorry sir, blah blah blah.

“Wait a second. The authorization amount is $235, right? Can you tell me why that changed?”

Dead air…

“Ok, since you’ve already seen about 10 authorizations for $250 (when you were requesting $350), why do you need to wait around for another authorization?”

Dead air, then,

“That’s a good point. Let me schedule someone to come out and look at your TV…”

I nearly dropped the phone at that point. He went on to say that they were very busy and it would 2 weeks before some one could make it out. I politely told him that after waiting 6 weeks to make it this far, that really didn’t matter to me. Maybe things’ll be right by Christmas.

Sad but true, in the interim, I got annoyed at trying to watch a 10″ tv from across the room and plugged the defunct TV back in. Surprisingly, it kicked on the first try. Great.

We’ve been using pretty it successfully since then, but its still giving impending doom flashes on the status LED. Sometimes, it takes a few clicks of the power button to get it to kick over. So, I guess it still really needs a repair.






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