I Just Wanna Watch TV (part 27)

Week 5 began with me checking in my local repair shop. I first asked if they per chance had heard anything from Best Buy. Of course, they hadn’t. So, I asked them to describe exactly what they need so I could try to beat it out Best Buy. They said they need an authorization of $350 from N.E.W. before they can move on. I thanked them for their time and said I’d try to get things rolling.

Monday night, I called up Best Buy again. I’ve pretty much got the phone tree down at this point and easily rattle off my Warranty ID Number. After a short wait, I’m talking to someone whose start the old confirm all my information shtick. I cut ’em off as usual and tell them the story so far. Of course, they’re so sorry I’ve had all this trouble. They put me on hold for a minutes. They came back and said that they worked with their supervisor and would fax out the appropriate authorization immediately. They sounded really urgent about it, anyway. They said that the local repair shop would call me back the next day. Like that was really under their control. By the way, have these people ever heard of email?

Almost needless to say, I was not surprised when I got no calls.

I called the local repair shop on the off chance that they were just back logged and hadn’t gotten around to calling me yet. I have to admit these guys have their act together. I gave them my case number and they exactly where things were. They said that they did get another repair request, but it again was missing the proper authorization. Great!

That brings things up to today. I called Best Buy support yet again, during regular business hours. My intention was to get Best Buy to call the local repair shop in conference call fashion to work out this elusive authorization. I mash my way through the phone tree and cut off the tech as they start their confirmation spiel.

“Ok, here’s the story. I’ve been trying to get my TV fixed for 5 weeks now. I’m beyond frustrated. You guys keep sending my local repair shop the wrong authorization. Can you guys call them with me on the line and work out exactly what you need?”

“We’re so sorry…” Blah blah blah.

“We can try your plan, sir, but let me put you on hold for a second to review your file.”

Ok, whatever.

After a lengthy pause, she returned to the line.

“Sir, I think I’ve spotted a problem. Your local repair shop needs a $350 authorization. That is higher than the $250 authorization that they’re contracted to us for.”

Geez, I hope this isn’t going where I think its going.

“So, what does that mean?”

“Oh, its no problem. I just need to get clearance from our authorization department to raise the limit on your request to $350.”

Authorization department? ok, whatever.

“Alright, that sounds like progress. How long will that take?”

“It should only be a day or so before they clear it.”

“Ok, I’ve heard this day or so time frame a million times before. Can I get this task escalated?”

“What do you mean by escalated? Do you want to talk to a supervisor?”

“Nah, I’ll wait until tomorrow and nothing has changed, I guess. Actually, can you have the person in the Authorization Department give me a ring when they ship the authorization out?”

“Sure, I can have them do that. Thank you for your patie….”

“Wait a second, please confirm my phone number. I just wanna make sure you have the cell number on file.”

Every time they confirm my number its always the house number. I want to talk them in real time, so I wanna make sure they hit the cell.

“Ok, the number we have is XXX XXXX-XXXX”.

“Ok, that’s fine. Thank you.”

Man, I’m so sick of this ordeal. Enough of this crap for today.

Crap, they’re not done with me yet for today… Right after dinner my cell phone rings. I almost blew off the call because there is no caller ID and my phone (which gives you the locale of number by area code when there’s no caller ID) says the call is from Montana. I said what the hell and picked up.

“Hello Sir, this is Best Buy Service. Is this Jason?”

At first, I thought this was a followup feedback call. I was twitching with anticipation to tell them what a fine job they’ve been doing.

“Yep, this is Jason”

“Great, I’m just calling to tell you that we found a local repair center to repair your television. Have you heard of United Radio?”

“Yeah, that’s not news to me. I’ve been waiting for you guys to authorize them for the correct amount to actually get the repair order you guys sent over a weeks ago so they’ll come out and see me.”

“We’re so sorry…” blah blah blah. “Well, I’ve sent them the proper authorization?”

“Ok, the problem was that the previously sent authorizations were for $250. They need an authorization for $350. Is that the amount you sent?”

A long uncomfortable silence…

“Sorry, we just sent the authorization for $250…”

That whistling sound that she heard next was the steam blowing out of my ears.

“Hmm, that isn’t gonna help anything. Can you please amend that to $350?”

“Yes, sir, we’ll send out another authorization for $350 right now.”

I wanted to ask her just what the tech I talked to an hour before said. I would have thought the part about the authorization amount being wrong would have been more apparent. Guess not.

So, with any luck, maybe tomorrow will be the day that my local shop lets me schedule an appointment.

PS- I’ve added a new tag called BestBuySucks for you to more easily track this saga. Enjoy.






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