300% More Super Mario Bros. Influence

Post headers, footers, and the sidebar headers now have nifty Super Mario Bros. flavor courtesy of the Super Modena Bros. free Icon Delivery from Icon Buffet. I think they perk up the design nicely.

The icons are hooked up as CSS background images. This allows them to be change easily from the external style sheet file without having to change the HTML at all. Handy!

I also changed the goomba in the masthead to use this trick. Previously it was a plain old image. I looked and worked fine, but when Google indexed the page, it grabbed the text in the ALT attribute. So, my search result was “goomba Jason Crowther’s Blog · Flipped the Switch…” Hopefully, the new formatting should fix that.

In an effort to push past $0.00 in ad revenue, I hooked my adsense again. Maybe someone will click one someday.





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