I Just Wanna Watch TV (part 25)

Yesterday, I called my local repair shop, United Radio, per my instructions from Best Buy. Of course, they hadn’t gotten anything from Best Buy on the matter yet. Nothing seems to surprise me any more. I thanked them for there time and said I’ll go haggle Best Buy some more.

On a whim, I gave them another try today. For some reason their phone system was on the fritz and it took 4 calls before I got anything more than endless rings. Anywho, I explained the situation and they said that they got the service request from Best Buy. Woo-hoo!


They still haven’t gotten the pre-approval needed to proceed and schedule an appointment. Ok, whatever. Any progress is good at this point. Surprisingly, they said as soon as they hear anything, they’ll be back in touch. I had them change the number on file from my home number to cell, since I’m never home during business hours.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll hear from soon…






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