Ah, Saturday Morning Runs

I had a particularly good running week, getting in 6 miles at the Y each day. I was pretty worn out during Friday’s run. But, when I was done, I was feeling great and very glad I stuck it out. Friday night, unfortunately, between work and running, I was pretty much spent. I half fell asleep in my easy chair a few times between 8 and 9, then headed off to bed for good at 9.

I was pretty sure that I wouldn’t be in any shape to run in the morning, so I turned off my alarm before shutting my eyes. I woke up about 5 or so, hit the bathroom, and looked outside. Hmm, pretty wet out there and still kinda drizzly. Geez, might as well get caught up on my sleep I thought as I sank back into bed for a few more hours. I woke up again a little after 7, feeling more spacey than at 5.

Hmm, its probably still cool enough to go for a run; lemme see what the weather looks like. Not too shabby, a few showers around, but their working their way out of the area. Maybe I’ll go for a run after all. So, I hang out at the computer for a while longer and let my digestive track wake up. Gotta make sure that happens before I start the run, or else I’m be in real trouble. Anybody with IBS will know exactly what I mean.

Next thing I know, I’m cruising out of the apartment complex. Its nice and cool, but not quite cold. A good running temperature for me. But, man, its humid. Inside of the first half mile, I was already dripping.

Everything is working pretty good. Nothing hurts. I’m feeling slow, but that doesn’t bother me, being its my 6th day of running in a row (yeah, yeah, I know I’m wrecking my joints and doing other damage I’ll probably regret later.) I’m hitting a good clip on the flat stuff and noticing (but not really struggling) the hills.

All the while I’m troddling my way along, I’m enjoying the fine NPR content on Jazz 88. Somewhere along the line, I’ve become quite a radio listener. Only A Game and Weekend Edition Saturday are my normal Saturday morning fair. More than a few times now, both shows have peaked my interest in various topics to visit their respective sites for more information on their stories. I enjoy the range of real hard hitting news, mixed up with the lighter stuff, and human interest stuff.

Sandy frequently calls me crazy as depart on my early morning escapes. I probably am a little crazy (or maybe a lot crazy, somedays.) But running helps me regain my sanity. Its more than just a ‘jason time’ type of thing. Running is something more magical than that. Its time spent getting know yourself.

When you’re running up that one big hill past the halfway point in your out and about run for the zillionth time this year, and it still feels like its the first time, you wonder who would care if you stopped to walk for a bit. Probably nobody, except yourself.

There are some days when I start a run feeling like crap and end of feeling great by the time I make it back. Other days, I’m chomping at the bit to get out and the run turns out to be a train wreck deteriorating in slow motion.

Sometimes, its not my body that’s tired, its just my mind. I guess I run both when I don’t wanna think, and when I want to be alone with my thoughts.  Seems like a contradiction, but in practice, I can say that both work for me at different times.

Enough waxing philosphical for now I guess.  Gotta go get my chores done, so I can go for another run soon enough.





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