The Rabbit is Here!

I was at my VW Dealer getting my (very expensive; $179) 20,000 mile service done on my Passat. At this place, they have giant lot, so after you’ve checked out, they send some out to pull up your car for you. Kinda nice, until a bunch of folks pick up their cars at the same time.

Sometimes, they also wash it for you. They didn’t wash mine this time, but I wasn’t too busted up since they usually don’t do a good job anyway.

Anywho, while I was waiting for my car, I spotted what a nice shiny GTI in front of the showroom. Wait tic, that looks a little strange. Hey, that’s got 4 doors. Its a Rabbit! Wow, I didn’t think they’d be making the scene so soon.

Have to say that after seeing one in person, I’m not instantly in love. But, it wasn’t really love at first site with my Golf either. I really like the look of the new GTI, but when you throw another 2 doors on it, I think it loses something.

The price is also creeping up a bit too. The 4 door model I was looking was nicely equipped but not maxed (no sunroof) and as just a few bucks shy of $20k. Yar.

Volksbloggin has a gallery for the new Rabbit. See what you think.





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