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  • Everything is Broken…

    With the TV still being a problem, now my car is giving me fits. In the background, I hear the Long John Hunter song Everything’s Broken playing over and over again. Wednesday morning, it was about 4 degrees out when I wanted to leave for work. There was a little snow on the car, so […]

  • Videos of the Day, VW Style

    A bunch of fun videos regarding VWs this week: VW vs. Toyota Soccer Top Gear rocks. See the I-Go vs. the Fox. V-Dubsrock Part 1 Hehe. “This amplifier has airbags…” With Nigel Tufnel from This Is Spinal Tap. V-Dubsrock Part 2 Sweet. Can’t have rock and roll with out Slash. V-Dubsrock is their new promotion […]

  • The Return of the Mascot

    Fun article in NYT Drive Times newsletter today: Mascot Madness: VW Pulls a Rabbit Out of Its Past.  Besides the VW Rabbit, they touch on many forgetten mascot cars of the past like the Super Bee (also coming back as specially flavored edition of the Dodge Charger), Road Runner, Duster and others.

  • VW Eos Highway 1

    The fine folks at Volksbloggin have a great scoop on a suped version of the forthcoming Eos convertible dubbed Highway 1. Despite the almost cartoony 20 inch wheels, its still got a pretty nice look to it. It also has the slick v6 from the R32, so its probably pretty zippy.

  • The Rabbit is Here!

    I was at my VW Dealer getting my (very expensive; $179) 20,000 mile service done on my Passat. At this place, they have giant lot, so after you’ve checked out, they send some out to pull up your car for you. Kinda nice, until a bunch of folks pick up their cars at the same […]

  • VW ‘Safe Happens’ Commercials Work

    USA Today reports (via) that the VW Safe Happens commercials (see my related post) are really paying off: Requests for brochures up 37% at call centers Requests for brochures up 56% on their website Requests for dealer quotes are up 58% I tend to agree with the quote in the article that the commercials are […]

  • Cool Video of the Day

    Volksbloggin had a pointer to this cool video of new beetle transformer. Ah, Autobots and Decepticons…

  • The Rabbit is Coming Back…

    VW recently announced (via) that they’re bringing back the Rabbit name for the car currently known as Golf. I’m looking to economize a bit in my next set of wheels, and enjoyed my previous Golf so much I might give another one a shot. Update- volksbloggin also says that the upcoming generation of Golf/Rabbit isn’t […]

  • Bizarre VW Jetta Commercial

    Even weirder than the freaky gti commercials (who are done by the same ad agency as the burger king ‘king’ series; like this), I caught this commercial hilighting jetta safety. Wow, really gets your attention. Update– turns out there’s another commercial in that series. Same idea, different folks in the car.