Say cheese!

In addition to my text blog, I’m trying to come up with a nifty photo blog. The kicker is that the pictures will come directly from my Nokia 6225i cell phone. IE, the phone has internet connectivity so I can basically mail pictures straight to my website without needing to use a computer.

The glue to do this is pretty straightforward. But, on my globat hosting account, there’s no way to alias an email to a script. If I could do this, all I’d have to do is just email the photo and it would automagically get saved to the site. Darn. After scratching my head for a while, I came up with another plan…

I poked around to see what perl modules where available on the server, and found that they have Net::POP3. So I wrote my own little POP3 client checks a mailbox for picture emails. Dag nabbit, globat accounts don’t have access to cron either (if I could use cron, I’d just tell my script to wake up from time to and check for new pictures). Oh well, the simple solution is just change my POP3 client into a WAP compatible CGI. So after I send some pictures, I can run the import process from my cell phone’s web browser.

Check what I’ve got so far…

I’m not a php expert (but I can find my way around), but I think I might be able to figure out how to turn the picture submissions straight into pivot posts! I’ll keep posting my progress…





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