PhotoBlogger Update

Messed around with my PhotoBlogger s’more this morning. Finished the WAP version of the POP3 client that scans a mailbox for new postings. With a little testing help from Opera (which renders WML with great debugger), it was pretty easy to get it up and running directly from the phone.

Next, I put together a little database to keep track of the images and their descriptions. Ahh, I love mysql. it took about 15 minutes to design and configure the database and add the necessary glue to make insertions for the new images.

Finally, I put together a little cgi to query the database and make a page to display the images. Sweet! Try it! All that’s left to do is pretty up the output and add a pager of some sort. Maybe I’ll add a way search the captions and filter by date. So many features, so little time.





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