Pre-Boilermaker Update

A quick check in on the eve (well, almost…) of the 2006 Boilermaker. I’m attending my first Boilermaker expo in a little while. I’m looking forward to some good freebies and making my race day morning a little less hectic by getting my race packet early. Its kinda ironic that me being the only Utica native in the my running crew is usually the guy scrambling through packet pickup on Sunday.

Since I’m bugging out of work early to hit the expo, I gonna take a break from running today. Looking back at the miles for the week, I’m pretty happy:

  • Saturday: 10.3
  • Sunday: 10.3
  • Monday: 6
  • Tuesday: 12.9
  • Wednesday: 6
  • Thursday: 6

Whoa, 51.5. I think that might be a new 7 day record for me. I’ll have to see if I can figure out a new query on my runlog to figure that out. My legs feel a little tired, but nothing hurts. That’s a good thing.

In the big picture, I’m also pleased that I’ve caught up to my goal of 100 miles/month for the year. Actually, with the big week, I’ve made a sizeable dent in July’s quota already. I thought for sure that my hernia fix up back in April would have laid me up longer. But agressive mileage earlier in the year and lately covered my 3 week medical break pretty easily.

So, for the first time (for a Boilermaker) I feel ready. The last couple of years, I always seem to have a bunch of stuff interfere with my training the month before the race. This year, I got in all the training that I wanted to. After some good showings at races so far this year (F’ville 10k, Paige’s Butterfly Run, Swamp Rat), I’m psyched for another personal best.

My goal is to break 80 minutes (8 minutes better than my previous best). Stay tuned for my 2006 Boilermaker wrap up to see how I did…





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