Minor Vonage Update

When you transfer your existing phone number to Vonage, you need to fax them a Letter of Authorization (LOA) and copy of the first page of your current phone bill. Easy enough. So, dropped the pages in the fax and keyed in their number.

Dag nabbit, the fax tried to eat the second page of my transmission. It hung up the fax before I could refeed it. I immediately refaxed and got both pages across successfully. Some how, I knew this would be a problem. Sure enough, I get an email from Vonage later in the day saying they got the LOA but not the first page of the current phone bill.

So, I faxed it again and replied to their email. I got an email back a few hours later saying that they got the fax successfully and forwarded the change over information to Verizon. They claim it will take 15 to 20 days for the transfer to happen. We’ll see…





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